GO Flags – Veteran’s Day

The next placement of flags with GO Flags is coming up soon! They have added more routes around town to make the overall routes not have as many flags to place. It is also gives more opportunities for people to help out and earn a letter jacket point. We know several families were unable to sign up last time; be sure to sign up today.

Flags will be placed in the neighborhoods on Saturday, November 6 and picked up on Saturday, November 13. If you sign up, you must commit to placing flags out and picking them up! If you sign up and realize you cannot help, you need to contact the GO Flags director ASAP. When you don’t show up the day of it really puts others in a bind to cover your route. Make sure you follow through, as we had choir families not show up in September. Thank you to the Beam’s and Mr. Smith for stepping in to help cover routes.

Use the link below to sign up today! Thank you for your support of GO Flags and choir!

GO Flags Sign Up – Veteran’s Day

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