Choir Updates Sept 4

Happy Friday! We made it through another week of virtual learning with some face to face teaching. Seeing students in the building was refreshing and much needed for these two choir directors. We cannot wait to see everyone next week in choir.

For those who signed up to help with GO Flags this weekend, thank you so much! We appreciate your willingness to serve and you have earned yourself a point towards earning a letter jacket.

Folder pick-up for virtual/hybrid learners will be NEXT WEEK! 
Tues: 8:00-8:30 and 12:00-12:30 at the auditorium entrance behind GOHS
Wed: 9:30-10:00 and 12:00-12:30 at the auditorium entrance behind GOHS

Next week we begin face to face instruction and for those staying 100% virtual or hyrbid, please read the following carefully:

100% Virtual:
1. 9/8 or 9/9, depending on the day your student has choir, they will need to go on Canvas to sign in and then do that day’s assignment.
2. We will be recording Tuesday/Wednesday rehearsals and they will be posted on Thursday/Friday so virtual students can begin learning the material we are learning in choir. It will be posted on Canvas.
3. We will not be live streaming/zoom-ing rehearsals. They will learn their music from the posted recordings and will essentially be one rehearsal behind the face to face students.

Hybrid (Coming to school for choir):
1. At this time your student will not come to GOHS for choir. We are awaiting information for sign-in/sign-out protocols from the school as there will be numerous students from band, choir, orchestra, core classes, etc. planning to come up for things.
2. Once we have the information, we will let you know when and how to come up for choir.
3. For the week of 9/8 your student will do canvas work and follow along with the recordings of rehearsal as mentioned above for the 100% virtual learners.

Thank you all for your continued patience with this current learning environment we are all navigating together! We are doing our best to make this as easy and approachable for every student in our program. We are here to help in any way we can, so please reach out to us if you have questions or need assistance.

Choir Canvas Information

Below are the steps to do your choir work in Canvas.
Follow these steps and you will have perfect choir attendance and A+ in choir.

  1. Log in to Canvas
  2. Find the GOHS Choir Canvas course and click it
  3. On the home page for choir find the Blue Day or Orange Day Class Check In at the top of the home page
  4. Click the link (whichever day you have choir) and fill out the form to sign in.
    Doing this gives you credit for attending choir for the day.
    (If you do not know the name of your choir there is a list of names with the corresponding period on the home page)
  5. After signing in, go to the left hand column of choices on the home page and click “ASSIGNMENTS
  6. Scroll down the assignments page until you find the current days date
  7. Complete all of the tabs for that day: it may be a video, a worksheet, a form, or an assessment. (Most days it will be 2 items or more)

***For virtual learning you will be receiving grades from the work found on the assignments page. Failure to do the work will result in a lowered grade. Signing in only gives you credit for attendance and is not your grade.

***If you miss an assignment due date it will fall into the category of “past assignments” on canvas. You will be in charge of finding it and completing it. If it is never completed the grade becomes a zero. Don’t make a bad grade due to not doing your work. It is extremely easy to make a 100 in choir. It just takes a little bit of effort. YOU CAN DO IT!

Choir Information – IMPORTANT

Parents and Students,

The below information is posted to help answer any questions you may have about things currently going on with virtual learning, material pick up, etc.

Office Hours: 11:00-11:15 am EVERY DAY
Our office hours are the time we will be working to answer e-mails, make calls, etc. Most likely this will be our lunch time when we are on a regular bell schedule. We will update this if a change is needed once face to face instruction begins.

Canvas Conferences/Zooms: 8/17-9/4
From now until Sept. 4 we will not be hosting every day live sessions for students. We know this is happening for multiple courses all across the campus and district and can be tricky for people to attend. We will always invite you from Canvas, send Zoom information, send e-mails, and post from Canvas/Instagram when we are doing a live session.

Live Zooms: 9/8 – however long
When we begin face to face instruction, we will begin hosting daily zooms for those students committing to virtual learning. These zooms will take place during your students scheduled choir time on their choir day (orange or blue). Every rehearsal will be recorded and posted later in the day for those who miss or cannot attend the live session. Students will be learning the same music as those in class. To receive a grade, students will need to participate and will also submit work through recordings, etc. When we do have recordings due for submission, information on what to do and how to submit will be posted/sent through e-mail.

Canvas Assignments:
Choir assignments for the current virtual learning time until Sept. 4 will be posted in the “assignments” area of the choir course in Canvas. Every assignment is set up for 2 days…one for orange and one for blue. Students should only do their assignment THE DAY THEY HAVE CHOIR. Doing it a day early or the day after will result in your student being counted ABSENT as they did not participate in choir the day of their scheduled class. 

***Parents please discuss this with your student and if you have questions, please contact the directors for clarification.***

Remind 101:
Due to our original Remind group being FULL (which is awesome) there is now a second Remind group for the following choirs: A Cappella (8th period), Statesmen (4th Period), and Chamber (3rd period). The code for this group is: @gohsvarch      text the #: 81010

Bel Canto (7th period), Chorale (2nd period), and Cantus (5th period) will remain using the original Remind group: @gochoir20

Choir Folder/All State Music Pick-Up:
We will have two dates for choir binder and all state music pick up
Wednesday August 26 and Thursday August 27
8:00-8:30 & 1:00-1:30 (two times per day)
– Binder pick up is for VIRTUAL LEARNERS ONLY.
(Face to Face students will receive their binders Aug 31 – Sept 4.)
All State Music packets can be picked up at these times for those wanting to participate


Welcome to Choir

Hello and Welcome to the 20-21 School Year at Grand Oaks! Mr. Smith and Mrs. Robilotto are ready to tackle this new and exciting year of choir. No matter our challenges or distance we will make music and have a stellar year. Use the link below to watch our Welcome Video. If you have any questions after viewing, please let us know.

Welcome Video

GO Flags Labor Day Placement Sign Ups

Hello Parents and Students!

GO Flags has our first flag placement for the 2020-2021 Flag Season on September 5 with pick-up on September 12. Below is a sign up link to register your student to help place flags. There are instructions on the sign up page on what to do to get flags and how to deliver them out to the neighborhoods. You will need reliable transportation to participate! (small vehicles are not suggested as the flags are quite long)

Students that participate will receive 1 point towards earning their letter jacket in choir. To read about letter jackets, visit the choir website, click “Documents”, and read the choir handbook section that describes how to earn points and earn a jacket.

GO Flags is a wonderful organization started by parents of students at GOHS. All money raised through flag subscriptions comes back to the Fine Arts of GOHS. Our support in placing flags is imperative for this organization to run and to receive fundraising.

GO Flags September Sign Up



Current Events

Summer is flying by and things are heating up quickly outside! We hope you are all doing well and staying healthy during this time.

Flag pick up: If you placed flags in May, please make sure you are working to pick them up this week(end) or communicating with GO Flags if you cannot pick up your route

Make sure you sign up for a GO Flags subscription and let your relatives and neighbors know about getting one too! The more the merrier!

Uniforms: There are only 7 uniforms still out. If you are one of the seven, please turn those into the front office at GOHS as soon as possible. We need to send them off to be cleaned in preparation for the upcoming school year.

All State Music: Packets are in and can be picked up Wed 7/8 or Thur 7/9 from 1:00-2:00 at GOHS at the Auditorium Entrance (same place we dropped off uniforms) If you are unable to pick up at these times, there will be a few other times coming up.

This year the auditions will be recorded and judged. No live auditions this year due to COVID and safety concerns. This is a great time to step into trying out for All State since the pressure of singing live won’t be on you. Give it a go!

***Students in Statesmen, A Cappella, and Chamber must either participate in All State auditions or do solo and ensemble to remain in these ensembles***

Mr. Smith and Mrs. Robilotto are working hard to prepare for the upcoming year whether it is face to face, online, or a mixture of both. We want to sing and make music again and are doing our best to make a safe environment for all involved. Stay safe, enjoy the summer, and wear your mask! 🙂

Virtual Banquet 2020

We will be having our end of the year choir banquet on Friday, May 22 at 5:30 pm. We will do this through the zoom application. Please download the app or use a computer to join us for this event. Your parents and family are also invited. If you have any photos from this year, please send them to Mr. Smith at He is going to put together a slideshow.

We will go over the year, give out awards and special thank yous, announce choir letter recipients, and announce the choir officers for 2020-2021. 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 956 4011 5312
Password: gohschoir

Final Assignment/Uniforms

This is our final week of classes. This went by faster than I thought it would but I sure do miss all of the events we were planning on the last 3 months. I cannot wait to begin a new school year and make music once more. This weeks last assignment is posted on the students page and is a school wide assignment. Have a good time with this!

Uniform Return:
TODAY, Tuesday, May 19 will be uniform drop off. Please read the following instructions carefully so we do our best to get this done efficiently and safely.

  1. Dresses and all tuxedo parts need to be on a hanger (the one it came on if possible)
  2. Place a plastic bag or trash bag over your dress/tuxedo and tie it up at the bottom enclosing the entire uniform
  3. Staple, clip, etc a note or piece of paper to the bag with your student’s name legibly written on the paper/note
  4. Bring your uniform to GOHS from 1:00-3:00 pm on Tuesday, May 19 at the back of the school at the auditorium entrance. (like a concert setting)
  5. Mr. Smith will be out back with hanging racks for you to get out and hang your uniform on. **he will not be touching your items so you must do this**
  6. He will cross your name off the list once it is returned. Failure to return a uniform may result in a debt to cover the cost of the items. (Dress-$80-100) (Tux-$150)
  7. If you wish to dry clean your uniform you are more than welcome but are not required to do so. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT WASH/DRY YOUR UNIFORMS
  8. If you cannot drop off your student’s uniform at the specified drop off time you must email Mr. Smith to find a time to do this.
  9. Uniforms WILL NOT be accepted at the front office! They know to not accept them and will not be touching your stuff.
  10. You are welcome to drop off other student’s uniforms that are in choir, just please make sure they are bagged and labeled appropriately so they are credited for turning it in.