Remind 101 is the best way to stay connected through the school year. Messages will be sent when the website is updated, to remind students about due dates, rehearsal reminders, etc. It takes less than a minute to sign up.

With any cell phone text the number: 81010
In the message area send the code below:

1st Period – A Cappella: @gohsaca1
3rd Period – Cantus: @gohscan3
5th Period – Theory: @gohsmtheo5
2nd Period – Concert: @gohscon2
4th Period – Chorale: @gohschor4
6th Period – Statesmen: @gohsstsmn6

Booster Club is another way to keep connected and help our program. Meetings will be at the end of each month. Dates and time are TBD. There are multiple outlets to receive info from our Booster Club/President.

Booster Club Website

Facebook: GOHS Choir Booster Club
Twitter: @gohschoirbc