Winter Concert Information

The Choir Winter Concert will on Monday, December 7 from 2:45 – 5:00 pm. This is only for choir students and will not have a live family/friend audience. We will be making a video recording of this concert. Due to COVID restrictions and spacing availability this is a closed concert.

Students will stay after school on Dec 7 for warm-up and rehearsal in the auditorium. After this time all students will have the opportunity for snack/water and changing into their concert attire. The choir will be providing snacks and water for students. If your student has a dietary restriction, please have them bring what they need for the afternoon.

Attire is black dress clothing and should be chosen from the following:
– Black dress pants
– Black knee length/ floor length skirt
– Black Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt
– Black modest blouse with a sleeve (sleeveless is not an option)
– Black dress shoes or flats (must be close-toed for safety)

Things to consider when gathering clothing:
– White on the outfit is not allowed
– White on shoes is not allowed
– Sneakers are not allowed
– Heels are discourage (no more than 2 inches if you only have heels to wear)
– Sparkly and glittery blouses are not allowed
– Jewelry is not worn (small studs only in the ears)
– Hair is styled away from the face and up
– Make-up is normal and not over done
– Guys will need to tuck in their shirt so please have a belt

If you need any assistance with obtaining clothing, please reach out to the directors ASAP!

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