January Parent Meeting

The Spring Semester Parent Meeting is Monday, January 25 at 6:30 pm.
The booster board will be meeting at 6:00 and Mr. Smith will let parents into the zoom upon conclusion of the board meeting. Log in information is below. This meeting will discuss the events for this semester and what we will be doing to facilitate concerts and audience members.

Topic: January Choir Parent Meeting
Time: Jan 25, 2021 6:00 PM for BOOSTER BOARD ONLY 6:30 PM FOR PARENTS

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 836 9377 3540
Passcode: choir

Winter Concert

The Winter Concert was tremendous! Every choir did a beautiful job singing and being audience members. Mrs. Robilotto and Mr. Smith are very proud of the hard work and dedication you all put in to make this happen. We know it is a different time and strange to do what we did but making music is so important these days and sharing it with everyone is just as important. Please enjoy listening to the recordings from the concert and the videos will be available as soon as we have them back from the A/V Tech Department.


Winter Concert Information

The Choir Winter Concert will on Monday, December 7 from 2:45 – 5:00 pm. This is only for choir students and will not have a live family/friend audience. We will be making a video recording of this concert. Due to COVID restrictions and spacing availability this is a closed concert.

Students will stay after school on Dec 7 for warm-up and rehearsal in the auditorium. After this time all students will have the opportunity for snack/water and changing into their concert attire. The choir will be providing snacks and water for students. If your student has a dietary restriction, please have them bring what they need for the afternoon.

Attire is black dress clothing and should be chosen from the following:
– Black dress pants
– Black knee length/ floor length skirt
– Black Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt
– Black modest blouse with a sleeve (sleeveless is not an option)
– Black dress shoes or flats (must be close-toed for safety)

Things to consider when gathering clothing:
– White on the outfit is not allowed
– White on shoes is not allowed
– Sneakers are not allowed
– Heels are discourage (no more than 2 inches if you only have heels to wear)
– Sparkly and glittery blouses are not allowed
– Jewelry is not worn (small studs only in the ears)
– Hair is styled away from the face and up
– Make-up is normal and not over done
– Guys will need to tuck in their shirt so please have a belt

If you need any assistance with obtaining clothing, please reach out to the directors ASAP!

End of October Info

Monday, October 26: Booster Meeting (Info to join is below)
Please join us this evening for as we vote in new board members, discuss Seniors, etc.

Topic: GOHS Choir Booster Club Meeting
Time: Oct 26, 2020 06:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 956 8585 5913
Passcode: 303428

One tap mobile
+13462487799,,95685855913#,,,,,,0#,,303428# US (Houston)
+16699009128,,95685855913#,,,,,,0#,,303428# US (San Jose)

Dial by your location
+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)

Meeting ID: 956 8585 5913
Passcode: 303428

Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/ac4PvmKZZc

October 27 ALL DAY: Spirit Day at Gringo’s
Visit Gringo’s and let your server know you are supporting Grand Oaks Choir!

November 4&5: Choir Recordings
Choirs will be recording their fall music during class time these two days. Please wear jeans and your choir shirt (THIS SCHOOL YEAR’S SHIRT)
This recording is for in-person and hybrid learners only

November 7: GO Flags
GO Flags is still in need of 17 volunteers for Saturday, November 7. Please sign up to help place flags. Volunteers will receive TWO letter jacket points for helping! Sign up link is below in the previous post.

GO Flags and All State Results

The next GO Flags placement and pick up is November 7 and November 14. We need numerous choir students to help volunteer this round as other fine arts groups on campus have previous engagements these dates. Any choir student that volunteers and follows through with the commitment will receive TWO letter jacket points for their time and effort. To sign up for a spot, please use the link below.

***We received a $5,000 check from GO Flags last week*** Support this program!



Our choir had 25 students audition for Round One of the All State process. Out of those 25 students 15 received a District or Region placement. They are as follows:

Marion Beerman – Soprano 1
Ella Moran – Soprano 2
Shaela Valenzuela – Soprano 2
Marie Edwards – Alto 1
Carisma Guajardo – Alto 1
Mark Wui – Tenor 2

Region/Advancing to Round Two:
Hannah Jane Thompson – Soprano 1
Molly Drummond – Soprano 1
Jane Sundy – Soprano 1
Avery Kniffen – Soprano 1
Rusetsa Karamagi – Soprano 2
Anna Skoy – Soprano 2
Amethyst O’Brien – Alto 2
Toby Holloway – Tenor 2
Ruadhan Lundberg – Tenor 2


Parent Meeting Recap and Information

Thank you to everyone that attended our zoom meeting Monday night. We appreciate your support of the choir program at Grand Oaks. Below you will find the recap of what was discussed and the documents from our Booster Club.

***We are in need of a treasurer and president for the booster club or we will no longer have this organization. Please consider joining and also running for a board position***

I. Welcome by directors
II. Handbook can be found on the choir website under “Documents”
– Make sure to read through and familiarize yourself with the information
– The choir website – subscribe to receive notifications of updates
– Social Media – @grandoakschoir on Instagram
III. Choir Fee: $45
– Can be paid on line or at school to the financial secretary
– You can pay in small amounts if you have financial concerns
– Reach out to the directors if there are financial issues we should be aware of
– We want your student to be able to participate in choir, please don’t let a fee hold them back
IV. Canvas
– Make sure your virtual learner knows how to do their attendance check-in for choir
– Assignments are located in “modules” AND “assignments” on Canvas
– Virtual learners need the choir binder and music (e-mail your director if needing those items)
– Most assignments are rehearsal videos and responding to those recordings
– Assessments will now be done through singing (student will need 2 devices to play tracks and record for their grade)
V. Attendance
– Virtual – Student learns at home 100%
– Face to Face – Student learns at school
– Hybrid – Student learns at home but comes up for choir rehearsals
– Hybrid students need to be consistent to choir rehearsals
– F2F students need to be at school and be consistent to choir. They will be behind from missing and we will not be going back to reteach what they missed
VI. Calendar
– There is currently NO CHOIR CALENDAR for the school year
– No fall semester live audience concerts (DISTRICT RULE)
– If information changes for the spring we will notify parents and send a calendar ASAP
– Thank you to those students and parents that volunteered for the first round of flags
– Round 2 will be in November…sign up to help GO Flags and also receive a letter jacket point
– They give back a lot to GOHS Choir and we need to support them so it continues
VIII. Booster Club
– Please download the two links below
– We are in need of a booster president and treasurer to keep the booster up and running
– Consider joining and volunteering!

IX. Thank you for joining us this evening and we are excited to be making music again!
– E-mail the directors for any questions you may have!

T-Shirts and Zoom Meeting

Monday afternoon from 5:30-6:30 pm we will be handing out choir shirts and popsicles! Drive around to the back of GOHS and the choir officers will be there to help you find your shirt and give you a treat. Make sure to pay at least $10 of your choir fee to receive a shirt. If you are having any financial troubles, please contact the choir directors ASAP. See you Monday for shirts and desserts!

Monday evening at 7:00 pm we have our mandatory parent zoom meeting. Please plan on attending so you are up to date with all choir policies, procedures, and general information for this semester. If you have any questions, please let us know so we can answer it during the zoom.

Zoom Log-In Information:

Meeting Log-in ID: 956 3473 2036
Passcode: gohschoir

Choir Updates Sept 4

Happy Friday! We made it through another week of virtual learning with some face to face teaching. Seeing students in the building was refreshing and much needed for these two choir directors. We cannot wait to see everyone next week in choir.

For those who signed up to help with GO Flags this weekend, thank you so much! We appreciate your willingness to serve and you have earned yourself a point towards earning a letter jacket.

Folder pick-up for virtual/hybrid learners will be NEXT WEEK! 
Tues: 8:00-8:30 and 12:00-12:30 at the auditorium entrance behind GOHS
Wed: 9:30-10:00 and 12:00-12:30 at the auditorium entrance behind GOHS

Next week we begin face to face instruction and for those staying 100% virtual or hyrbid, please read the following carefully:

100% Virtual:
1. 9/8 or 9/9, depending on the day your student has choir, they will need to go on Canvas to sign in and then do that day’s assignment.
2. We will be recording Tuesday/Wednesday rehearsals and they will be posted on Thursday/Friday so virtual students can begin learning the material we are learning in choir. It will be posted on Canvas.
3. We will not be live streaming/zoom-ing rehearsals. They will learn their music from the posted recordings and will essentially be one rehearsal behind the face to face students.

Hybrid (Coming to school for choir):
1. At this time your student will not come to GOHS for choir. We are awaiting information for sign-in/sign-out protocols from the school as there will be numerous students from band, choir, orchestra, core classes, etc. planning to come up for things.
2. Once we have the information, we will let you know when and how to come up for choir.
3. For the week of 9/8 your student will do canvas work and follow along with the recordings of rehearsal as mentioned above for the 100% virtual learners.

Thank you all for your continued patience with this current learning environment we are all navigating together! We are doing our best to make this as easy and approachable for every student in our program. We are here to help in any way we can, so please reach out to us if you have questions or need assistance.

Choir Canvas Information

Below are the steps to do your choir work in Canvas.
Follow these steps and you will have perfect choir attendance and A+ in choir.

  1. Log in to Canvas
  2. Find the GOHS Choir Canvas course and click it
  3. On the home page for choir find the Blue Day or Orange Day Class Check In at the top of the home page
  4. Click the link (whichever day you have choir) and fill out the form to sign in.
    Doing this gives you credit for attending choir for the day.
    (If you do not know the name of your choir there is a list of names with the corresponding period on the home page)
  5. After signing in, go to the left hand column of choices on the home page and click “ASSIGNMENTS
  6. Scroll down the assignments page until you find the current days date
  7. Complete all of the tabs for that day: it may be a video, a worksheet, a form, or an assessment. (Most days it will be 2 items or more)

***For virtual learning you will be receiving grades from the work found on the assignments page. Failure to do the work will result in a lowered grade. Signing in only gives you credit for attendance and is not your grade.

***If you miss an assignment due date it will fall into the category of “past assignments” on canvas. You will be in charge of finding it and completing it. If it is never completed the grade becomes a zero. Don’t make a bad grade due to not doing your work. It is extremely easy to make a 100 in choir. It just takes a little bit of effort. YOU CAN DO IT!