GO Flags for 2020-2021

Hello all! GO Flags is open currently for new subscriptions and renewing current ones. This is open until the end of July but go ahead and order yours now. With your subscription you will have a flag placed outside your home along the street 5 times for 6 flag holidays.

If you, family members, neighbors, friends, etc. buy a subscription MAKE SURE YOU TELL THEM TO PUT IT DOWN FOR CHOIR. This way our program receives credit when the time comes. This is a wonderful fundraiser for all of our programs at GOHS and we are blessed to have a community that supports all of us.

Send out this form below to anyone you know!
GO Flags Community Flyer_2020 (FORM)


Week 4 Assignment

I hope everybody had a wonderful weekend! Today’s weather is absolutely amazing. I’ve already done a 2.5 mile walk and can’t wait to take my dog out for his walk this evening.

Please review this weeks video and use it to help you with your assignment for the week. We are going to be singing so be sure to use the warm ups I am going to post to help get you back in shape before you submit your major or minor scale.

Week 4 Video

Week 3

Happy Monday! Can’t believe this is our 3rd week of remote learning. I miss choir. A lot. I hope you are all doing well. Check out this weeks video. Sorry it’s a little long but it’ll give you something to watch that’s not Disney+ or Netflix. When done you can find the assessment for this week under the “students” tab of the website. Stay safe and WASH YOUR HANDS!

Week 3 Video

Week 2

Hello everyone! I hope you are staying well and sane during this time. I’ve been trying to stay as busy as I can and spending time outside as much as possible. Below is the link to this weeks video for Choir and Theory students. I can’t wait to hear from you all. The assignment info is also found on the “students” tab on the website.

Week 2 Video

Welcome to Remote Learning with Mr. Smith

I hope everyone is doing well! I’m sure we are all getting a little stir crazy and want some normalcy but in time we will be back to our regular schedules. To start remote learning I made my first video post, and let me tell you this is super awkward for me but I did it! Use the link below to view the YouTube video that’s about 5 minutes. It’s not perfect by any means so please take it with a grain of salt and have a little grace for this teacher who is trying something super unfamiliar. (I apologize if it’s somewhat repetitive)

Let me know how you are doing! Send emails with what you’ve been doing or some videos of you singing or making music. I’ll even take your attempts at tik tok dances. Main thing is, just let me know how you are doing. Remember to reach out to your friends and other choir students. Check up on them and see how they’re doing. This isn’t easy for any of us. Our counselors at school are also available if you need anything. Just send yours an email and they’ll contact you ASAP.

I will be checking my email daily from 8:00-3:00 M-F for any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Week One Remote Learning Video

Music Theory Week One Video

Remember to be kind and WASH YOUR HANDS! 🙂

Update for Choir 3/17/2020

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I figured I would start with something uplifting. I hope Spring Break was restful and slightly non-eventful for all of you.

By now I am sure you’ve heard from the district in some form that we are out of school until at least April 10 with a start back date of April 13. This could change during the next weeks so please make sure you are connected in some fashion to receive updates from Conroe ISD. Also, this would be a great time to make sure you are subscribed to this blog for updates and our choir Remind101. Codes for Remind can be found on the website or in our handbook.

I know many of you have questions and some have even reached out to me via e-mail regarding events and trips. At this time, I am working on several things so be patient as we navigate this uncharted water together. I will do my best to cover any questions you may have and if you feel you need more clarification, please contact me and I will do my best to provide you answers.

  1. All choir related concerts, meetings, and rehearsals are CANCELLED from now until school resumes.
  2. Once we are back in school (whenever that occurs) a new calendar will come out, when possible, with updated events, dates, and times.
  3. The entire school and fine arts team will have to sit down and figure out how to proceed for the remainder of the school year once we have more information from GOHS and Conroe ISD.
  4. As of now I cannot answer if we will be performing at UIL, having banquet, a pop show, etc. Please hold off those questions as they are not important at this time.
  5. I have contacted the tour company for our spring trip. I am awaiting responses to my questions about cancellations and refunds. Once I know, you will know. Thank you for being patient while we try and figure this out. No one expected this to happen and most companies have never had to deal with something of this nature.
  6. All fine arts teachers across the district are working this week to come up with plans and activities for students to access and do while out for these next few weeks. We want them to remain engaged and help them throughout this time. Use our choir website as a hub for information, links, videos, work assignments, activities, etc. This would also be a good time to follow the choir instagram if you have one. @grandoakschoir
  7. I will send out Reminds, E-mails, and post here with any new information or work assignments frequently the next few weeks.
  8. As hard as it may be, try and enjoy this time with your students/parents. There is no use in being negative during this situation. Make the most out of this while being safe and staying healthy. We want all of our families well and our students coming back to GOHS as soon as possible. I cannot wait to make music again and try to finish this year out strong.

I miss all of you very much and wish we were at school preparing for our upcoming events. We will be back together soon enough and will continue to build upon everything we have done this school year. Stay safe, look both ways before you cross the street, and wash your hands…thoroughly! – Mr. Smith

March Madness

It’s March and there are only 3 months of school left but a lot is going to happen for us as we move closer to June and summer vacation. Please read below for the upcoming events scheduled for the remainder of the month. Have a great spring break!!

***Last payment for the spring trip is in March! Don’t be late on payments!***

Friday, March 6: Last day to sign up for Solo/Group auditions for pop show

Wednesday, March 11: Spirit Day (all business day) at Woodson’s Local on 99
All during the day you can support the choir by eating at Woodson’s. It’s spring break so make plans to attend. Tell your friends and family members to go as well.

Thursday, March 19: 4th Grade Honor Choir Concert
Mixed Choir, A Cappella, and Statesmen only
Call time 5:30 / Concert at 7:00
Dresses/Tuxedos for this event

Tuesday, March 24: A Cappella/Chorale combined rehearsal
After school rehearsal from 3:00 – 4:30 in the choir room
Mandatory for all going to UIL/Graded rehearsal

Thursday, March 26: Statesmen/Cantus combined rehearsal
After school rehearsal from 3:00 – 4:30 in the choir room
Mandatory for all going to UIL/Graded rehearsal

Monday, March 30: Pop Show Auditions after school
sign up for a time by Friday, March 6

Tuesday, March 31: Pop Show Auditions after school
sign up for a time by Friday, March 6

Thursday, April 2: Pre-UIL Concert
Call time is 5:00 / Concert at 7:00

Solo Contest Schedule 2020

Parents and Students please take a look at the solo contest schedule for next weekend. Check the date (Friday or Saturday) and the time. If this works for you, great! If this does not work for you, please contact Mr. Smith ASAP. The schedule needs to finalized by tomorrow afternoon so every student can arrange transportation to and from
The Woodlands College Park High School.

Contest Information:
Friday, February 7: 5:00 – 6:30 pm
Saturday, February 8: 12:30 – 1:12 pm
Location: The Woodlands College Park High School
3701 College Park Drive
The Woodlands, TX 77384
Arrival: 25 minutes before your scheduled singing time
Dress: Professional Dress (khakis, slacks, dress pants, dress shoes, button down shirts, polos, modest blouses, modest dresses that go to the knee or below, covered shoulders)
Appearance: Clean and groomed (brush and comb your hair)
Clothes should be neat and unwrinkled

UPDATED Solo and Ensemble 2019-2020 Schedule





Tamale Fundraiser

Welcome back to school and to a new year! 2020 is going to be great and to start the semester off strong we have a tamale fundraiser going on from January 8 through January 17. They are $10/dozen and come in 6 different varieties. Students will receive an order form in class Thursday/Friday to bring home. Orders can be paid for by cash or check ***(made out to Grand Oaks High School Choir Booster Club)***

You can also make orders online by clicking this link —-> TAMALES ORDER SITE

Orders are due to Mr. Smith by Friday, January 17 with payment in hand. This ensures proper delivery on January 27. Please only sale to friends, family, church friends, and co-workers. Selling to strangers or people you barely know is not always a good idea.

All orders, whether placed online or from the student, will be delivered to the school on Monday, January 27 after school. Pick-up will be from 3:00 – 8:00 pm. This is also the same night of the school academic fair (2 for one deal that evening)