Week 8 and end of the year stuff

Hello all! We are almost to the finish line so lets finish strong.

Week 8 assignments are posted under the “student” tab as usual. I hope you will fill out the form (choir) and send your email (theory). I have really enjoyed everything this school year and I am so bummed it has ended the way it has but I can’t wait for the day to see you all again and to begin making music. It will be awesome!

  1. Finish turning in your auditions! Without sending in an audition you have no opportunity to move up a choir. Just do your best!
  2. Pop Show auditions can be sent in until Friday for a letter jacket point. If you don’t submit you don’t get the point towards earning a jacket.
  3. Look for information about a virtual banquet next week.
  4. Officer applications are due Friday as well as your photos (make sure we see your face) and videos from Presidential nominees.
  5. Sign up to place flags for Memorial Day! Earn a point and help choir!

Uniform Return:
Next Tuesday, May 19 will be uniform drop off. Please read the following instructions carefully so we do our best to get this done efficiently and safely.

  1. Dresses and all tuxedo parts need to be on a hanger (the one it came on if possible)
  2. Place a plastic bag or trash bag over your dress/tuxedo and tie it up at the bottom enclosing the entire uniform
  3. Staple, clip, etc a note or piece of paper to the bag with your student’s name legibly written on the paper/note
  4. Bring your uniform to GOHS from 1:00-3:00 pm on Tuesday, May 19 at the back of the school at the auditorium entrance. (like a concert setting)
  5. Mr. Smith will be out back with hanging racks for you to get out and hang your uniform on. **he will not be touching your items so you must do this**
  6. He will cross your name off the list once it is returned. Failure to return a uniform may result in a debt to cover the cost of the items. (Dress-$80-100) (Tux-$150)
  7. If you wish to dry clean your uniform you are more than welcome but are not required to do so. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT WASH/DRY YOUR UNIFORMS
  8. If you cannot drop off your student’s uniform at the specified drop off time you must email Mr. Smith to find a time to do this.
  9. Uniforms WILL NOT be accepted at the front office! They know to not accept them and will not be touching your stuff.
  10. You are welcome to drop off other student’s uniforms that are in choir, just please make sure they are bagged and labeled appropriately so they are credited for turning it in.

Any questions or time issues can be discussed through email. jamsmith@conroeisd.net

Booster Club Information:
Our wonderful booster club has done an outstanding job for the past two years and due to by laws we need to switch things ups with people on the board. Most importantly we need a President and Treasurer to function. If you choose to run or are voted in one of those positions, Sharon and Martha will be there to help you , as they have run those positions for us since the booster club was formed. There are several other positions available as well and we would love to have you join us help support the choir program.

Final Booster Club Meeting that will vote for the new Board is on May 18, Monday.
Info below:  zoom is a free app and is very easy to use
Zoom Meeting ID: 742 5393 4933
Password: 7mraU8

Online Nomination Form-Sign Up


Updates for Choir 5-5-20

Hello all! Welcome to another week of remote learning and our creeping towards summer break. This is moving a lot faster than I thought it would which is somewhat nice. This weeks video has topics that cover multiple things going on with choir. You need to watch this so you are caught up to speed on what is happening or will be happening for the coming week(s).

Weekly Choir Update Video

Have a wonderful week and please reach out if you need anything!

20-21 Audition Instructions

Read the information below and follow the instructions to effectively submit your recordings for next years placements.
For current freshmen women:
1. Record yourself singing “My Country Tis of Thee” without music. A Cappella style. Use the key provided from the practice track found on the documents page link.
2. Record yourself sight reading Example #5 from the Eb Major SR. The link is also under the document tab. Use the Eb Major SR tonic triad track when you record so your 30 second practice time is recorded.
3. Submit both recordings to Mr. Smith via his email. If files are too big you can upload them to YouTube and send the link or put them in google files and send the link.
4. Recordings are due by Sunday evening at 11:59 PM. If you do not submit you will remain in the choir from this year. Do your best and be confident. I am not looking for perfection. I want to see and hear what you can do and where you are at right now. YOU CAN DO THIS!! 🙂
For Tenors, Basses, and 10th/11th Altos and Sopranos:
SR Material and Chromatic Scale tracks are on the “DOCUMENTS” tab of the website
1. Fill out this form and submit it to Mr. Smith BEFORE recording
Audition Information Form
2. Once the above form is submitted, record yourself singing the chromatic scale warm up. This must be done A CAPPELLA (without the use of the track I have provided). Get your starting pitch from the provided practice track or pick your own. Make sure you sing with good vowels and strong support.
3. Students auditioning for A Cappella/Statesmen ONLY will record example #2 from the A Major Sight Reading link. Use the practice track when you record so the tonic is played and you have a 30 second practice time with tonic played again. You will sing the example after the 30 second practice time and tonics.
4. Students auditioning for Mixed Choir will record example #1 from the E Minor Sight Reading link. Use the practice track when you record so the tonic is played and you have a 30 second practice time with the tonic played again. You will sing the example after the 30 second practice time and tonics.
5. Once you have a recording you are good with of the chromatic scale and sight reading, submit both by email to Mr. Smith. Due by 11:59 pm Sunday, May 3, 2020.
Be confident while you sing
Use the tracks for warm ups and practice materials to your advantage before you record
Don’t wait until Sunday night to record and submit in case you have issues.
Make sure your friends are working and submitting their videos so they don’t miss their chance at auditioning for a varsity level ensemble.
***Students who do not send in recordings will not advance to a varsity level ensemble even if they were previously in Statesmen, A Cappella, or Mixed Choir this school year***

Week 6 Assignment and AUDITIONS

Happy Monday everyone! Welcome to week 6. We would have just finished our spring trip and last week would have been UIL. I can’t believe we missed all of that but we are making it through! This weeks assignment is under the student tab once again. You will fill out the form by planning your own pop show! Have fun and be creative with your song selections. I can’t wait to see everyone’s shows.

Auditions for next year will take place this week. By Sunday evening (May 3) those auditioning will need to submit their videos. The 3 groups being auditioned are:
Mixed Choir (Chamber Singers), Varsity Treble (A Cappella), Varsity Men (Statesmen)

Who is eligible to audition:
Current 10th and 11th grade treble students (alto/soprano) for Mixed or A Cappella
Current 9th, 10th, 11th grade tenor bass students for Mixed or Statesmen

The audition will consist of singing the chromatic scale warm up and sight reading.
Trebles and Guys only auditioning for A Cappella or Statesmen will Sight Read from the A Major LEVEL 2 SMART Book (blue book) examples. Trebles and Guys auditioning for a spot in Mixed Choir will sight read from the E Minor LEVEL 1 SMART Book (green book) examples. Both sight reading examples and the tonic triad/chromatic warm up tracks are posted under the documents tab for you to begin practicing this week.

Thursday, Mr. Smith will post the exact instructions on how to record and submit your auditions. This will give you 4 days to turn in your submission. Late submissions will not be accepted after Sunday.

GO Flags for 2020-2021

Hello all! GO Flags is open currently for new subscriptions and renewing current ones. This is open until the end of July but go ahead and order yours now. With your subscription you will have a flag placed outside your home along the street 5 times for 6 flag holidays.

If you, family members, neighbors, friends, etc. buy a subscription MAKE SURE YOU TELL THEM TO PUT IT DOWN FOR CHOIR. This way our program receives credit when the time comes. This is a wonderful fundraiser for all of our programs at GOHS and we are blessed to have a community that supports all of us.

Send out this form below to anyone you know!
GO Flags Community Flyer_2020 (FORM)


Week 4 Assignment

I hope everybody had a wonderful weekend! Today’s weather is absolutely amazing. I’ve already done a 2.5 mile walk and can’t wait to take my dog out for his walk this evening.

Please review this weeks video and use it to help you with your assignment for the week. We are going to be singing so be sure to use the warm ups I am going to post to help get you back in shape before you submit your major or minor scale.

Week 4 Video

Week 3

Happy Monday! Can’t believe this is our 3rd week of remote learning. I miss choir. A lot. I hope you are all doing well. Check out this weeks video. Sorry it’s a little long but it’ll give you something to watch that’s not Disney+ or Netflix. When done you can find the assessment for this week under the “students” tab of the website. Stay safe and WASH YOUR HANDS!

Week 3 Video

Week 2

Hello everyone! I hope you are staying well and sane during this time. I’ve been trying to stay as busy as I can and spending time outside as much as possible. Below is the link to this weeks video for Choir and Theory students. I can’t wait to hear from you all. The assignment info is also found on the “students” tab on the website.

Week 2 Video