Spirit Day at JAX

Today, Wednesday January 19 is a SPIRIT DAY at JAX Burgers on Rayford Road. You can go anytime they are open for business and support the choir. At check out, let them know you are supporting GOHS Choir and a portion of your meal comes back to the choir. Tell your friends, family, neighbors, and neighborhood page to come out and support the choir!

GO Flags – Veteran’s Day

The next placement of flags with GO Flags is coming up soon! They have added more routes around town to make the overall routes not have as many flags to place. It is also gives more opportunities for people to help out and earn a letter jacket point. We know several families were unable to sign up last time; be sure to sign up today.

Flags will be placed in the neighborhoods on Saturday, November 6 and picked up on Saturday, November 13. If you sign up, you must commit to placing flags out and picking them up! If you sign up and realize you cannot help, you need to contact the GO Flags director ASAP. When you don’t show up the day of it really puts others in a bind to cover your route. Make sure you follow through, as we had choir families not show up in September. Thank you to the Beam’s and Mr. Smith for stepping in to help cover routes.

Use the link below to sign up today! Thank you for your support of GO Flags and choir!

GO Flags Sign Up – Veteran’s Day

Choir Sweatshirts

We are going to be ordering choir sweatshirts at the end of next week! If you or your student would like to purchase one, order forms will be going out Tuesday/Wednesday in class. Each sweatshirt is $20 cash or check (made out to Grand Oaks Choir). Order forms must be turned in by Friday, October 15. If you would like, you can bring money on Tuesday or Wednesday and fill out a form in class and you will be set to go!

It is a quick turn around, so don’t forget! Extras will not be ordered.

CHOIR Mockup_R1

Homecoming Parade Details

Tomorrow will be our first Homecoming Parade!! Thanks to those that showed up Wednesday to make decorations. For those that helped and will be participating in the parade read the info below:

We will be finalizing up the decorations AFTER SCHOOL and then decorating the trailer outside. We will be able to put the trailer in the parade lineup at 4:45 with the parade starting at 6:00. This will be a long afternoon, so be prepared. Bring any snacks, etc. so you can have things after we are done and waiting for the parade to start. If you need someone to drop off food for you, that is fine as well. There will probably be some down time after decorating, so you can chill out in the choir room or go home and come back for 4:45. Once the parade is done, we will need to clean up the trailer and then you will be able to go home. If you do not drive, it would be best for your parents to attend the parade so you can leave when we are finished. PLEASE don’t have the directors waiting on you to be picked. They will want to go home as well!

What to wear:
Wear a GOHS Choir shirt! If you do not have one, we will get you one after school. You are also welcome to wear your school colors from the day if you would like. Shorts are completely fine to wear. We recommend close toed shoes for all of the walking, etc. Protect your feet! Sunglasses are also a good idea since we will be outside in the afternoon sun. If you have long hair, you might want to have it up since we are outside.

Let’s have a great time celebrating GOHS and CHOIR!! It’s going to be a blast!

District Audition Results

This Saturday, 28 members of the choir traveled to Conroe HS for Round 1 of the TMEA All State Choir process. We are so proud of all those that took the time to learn extremely difficult music and put themselves out of their comfort zones.

The following students earned a chair to advance to the second round in October:

Soprano 1 Zone 1
Avery K – 4th Chair
Molly D

Soprano 1 Zone 2
Anna G
Jane S
Megan M

Soprano 2 Zone 1
Rusetsa K – 2nd Chair
Abigail S
Rylee R

Soprano 2 Zone 2
Hannah Jane T – 1st Chair
Ashley B – 6th Chair
Alana R

Soprano 2 Zone 3
Kayla R – 10th Chair
Kayley S
Chassidy H

Alto 1 Zone 2
Celeste F

Alto 2 Zone 1
Tatiana C – 8th Chair
Amethyst O

Alto 2 Zone 2
Kyla T

Tenor 2
Roan L – 5th Chair
Ben P – 8th Chair
Mark W

Bass 1 Zone 1
Chase M

Bass 1 Zone 2
Jeremy B

Choir Updates Week of 9/13/21

Happy Monday, Choir! This week is turning out more exciting than we anticipated. Read below to make sure you are aware of what is happening and are prepared for the upcoming days/weeks.


Wednesday: Homecoming Float Decorating 2:45-4:00
-Those wanting to be in the parade for choir need to attend the after school decoration time on Wednesday and be available to help set up the trailer after school on Sept 20. 
-We will go over what to wear and what is happening for the parade after school
-If you do not help, you do not participate in the parade for choir

Thursday: All State Mock Auditions – Mandatory
-Students participating in All State Auditions on Saturday must stay after on Thursday
-We will go over audition procedures, how to audition, and Saturday details
-You will not audition “Rise Up” (trebles) or “Adspice Domine” (TB’s)

Saturday: All State Auditions – District Round
-Info will be given to those auditioning on Thursday; prepare for an all day event

Saturday: GO Flag Pick Up
-If you placed flags 2 weekends ago it is now time to pick them up.

Monday: 9/20 – Homecoming Parade
-Those in the parade will stay after school to decorate the trailer
-Line up is later in the afternoon and the parade is at 6:00

Tuesday: 9/28 – Fall Concert
-Do you have your nice blue jeans for the concert?

Welcome and GO Flags

Welcome to the 21-22 School Year! We are excited to begin another year here at GOHS and cannot wait to make music. Throughout the next week you will be receiving a choir calendar and handbook. Please read over the dates and read over the handbook. Students have highlighted the important parts about choir and the few items needed. If you have any questions please reach out to us and we will be happy to help.

Be on the lookout for ways you can help support the choir! Our Booster Club is always in need of parent help and leadership. They are an integral part of the success of the GOHS Choir program.

GO Flags:
GO Flags is a locally owned organization that specifically runs to raise money for the Fine Arts at Grand Oaks. Subscriptions for GO Flags run five times a year and the students of the organizations at GOHS help place flags out in the community. Subscribers can select which organization at GOHS to donate to and that money comes back to that specific group. Subscriptions without an organization go into a general fund that is divided based on participation numbers from the five fine arts groups. The more volunteers we have helping to place flags, the more money we make for the choir program.

The first run of flags will be September 4 for Labor Day and Patriot’s Day. Pick up for flags will be September 18. All you need to help is a vehicle to load up flags to deliver. It takes at most an hour to run the route and place flags. Picking them up is even faster!

Students that volunteer to place flags will receive 1 Letterjacket Point towards earning a jacket for choir. Please consider helping GO Flags. Use the link below to register for the Labor Day distribution.