Pop Show Auditions

It was a wonderful two days of auditions for this year’s pop show and our judges were very impressed. Thank you all for stepping out of your comfort zones and singing in front of us.

There were numerous acts to choose from this year. We had 44 auditions. Acts were chosen based on style of song, vocal ability, entertainment value, and energy. While some of the acts not picked were vocally strong, we needed variety of selections and to make sure we keep the show moving and energized.

Score sheets and judges comments are not available for viewing. Thank you for your auditions and congratulations for earning a point towards your letter jacket. Visit the documents tab for a list of results.

The show order will be made as we get closer to the actual show. If you have been selected, you must be at all three after school rehearsals the week of the show and you must be in attendance for the solo/duet microphone sound check that is after rehearsal on Monday, May 8. That runs from 5:30-7:00 to check levels and practice getting to your spot.

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