Solo Contest Information

Solo Contest is next Saturday, January 28 at Grand Oaks HS. Contest begins in the morning and will run until lunch time. Read below for all information regarding the contest and find your performance time at the end of this post.

  • Solos must be memorized for the performance and music will not be used
  • Your outfit can either be the choir shirt & jeans with shoes OR professional dress:
    • Blouse with sleeves
    • Knee length skirt
    • dress pants
    • button down shirt
    • tie (not necessary)
    • dress shoes (no high heels) (vans or converse are not dress shoes)
    • dress that is appropriate and has sleeves
  • Be sure you fix your hair and look professional/presentable for the judge
  • Drop off or park at the back of the school at the auditorium entrance
  • Judge rooms will be in the orchestra, choir, theater, and speech classrooms
  • Show up 30 minutes before your scheduled time
  • Once you perform you are free to leave
  • When you enter to sing, stand on the marked spot
  • When the judge is ready you introduce yourself and the title of the song
  • When you are done be sure to say thank you

GOHS is also hosting a drill team competition all day. There will be numerous other students from various schools all over our campus. Our job is to remain only at our judging rooms to sing and then exit the building. We DO NOT roam the building or attempt to go to the competition. Students wandering around will be given a write up! Come in at the auditorium, go to your judges room, wait in line to sing, and then exit the building. Your ride should be waiting.

Below is the link for the google sheet with the schedule of solos. There are four judges. There are four tabs at the bottom of the document. Click on the tabs until you find your name and time on the schedule. We will go over the times in class next week but plan this weekend for transportation and what you are going to wear.

Solo Contest Schedule

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