All State Workshops

Conroe ISD will be having a FREE All State Choir Workshop on Tuesday, August 3rd from 9am – 11am. This will be held at Oak Ridge HS 9th Grade Campus.

If you want to attend, please use the link below and register. If you need music, Mr. Smith and Mrs. Robilotto will have packets of music for you at the camp. Show up a little before 9 and find us to get your packet. Bring pencils and water so you can mark your music and stay hydrated. ****Mr. Smith will not be handing out packets on Wed 7/28 from 10-12 like originally posted on Monday****

Tomball ISD will be hosting a workshop on Saturday, August 7 from 1-5pm. The cost is $22.50 to attend. If you are unable to attend the August 3rd camp, this will be a great time to get you going before the school year starts on the 11th. You will need music to attend, so be sure to get a packet if you don’t have one yet. Contact Mr. Smith or Mrs. Robilotto to get music if you are not attending the August 3rd camp.

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