End of April Updates

Welcome to the last push of the school year! We have so much going on for choir and it is important to be informed of all the events happening the next few weeks. We sent out an updated choir calendar with all rehearsals and events to get us through the end of the school year. Make sure you have those dates in your calendars so you don’t miss anything. Many of these events are tied to your grade in choir!

UIL on April 14 and 16 was amazing! All five groups sang beautifully and represented GOHS so well. We received 4 Sweepstakes and 1 Superior Sight Reading from our choirs and we could not be more thrilled. Thank you to all of our students for doing your best and being the best! Congratulations to all!

We have started pop show choreography and have numerous days for after school rehearsals in preparation for the Pop Show concerts on May 6 & 7. See dates below:

April 22: New Girl In Town choreography rehearsal 3-5 (for upperclassmen trebles)

April 26: Choreography for Chorale 3-4 pm / Choreography for A Cappella 4-5pm

April 27: Choreography for Bel Canto 3-4pm / Choreography for Chamber Singers 4-5

April 28: Choreography rehearsals for ALL STUDENTS 3-5

May 1: Pop Show Stage Work Day to set up risers for tech week. 9am-12pm
**receive 1 letter jacket point for helping**

May 3: Pop Show Stage Rehearsal 3-5 pm

May 3: Pop Show Solo/Group Rehearsal 5-6 pm

May 4: Pop Show Rehearsal 3-5 pm

May 5: Pop Show Dress Rehearsal 3-5:30 pm

May 6: Pop Show (call time is 5:30 pm) Show at 7pm $5

May 7: Pop Show (call time is 6:00 pm) Show at 7 pm $5

Pop Show Audition Results will be posted the weekend of April 23-25.
A remind will be sent out when auditions have been posted to the choir website.
Thank you for being patient.

Pop Show Seating:
Information and seating registration will be going out Monday, April 26.

April Booster Meeting:
The meeting for April is Monday, April 26 at 6:30 pm. The zoom link will be posted on the choir website and sent through e-mail Monday morning. Please be in attendance as we discuss needs for pop show and other end of year events.

Meeting Id: 869 9211 5817
Password: gohschoir

Officer Applications:
Next year officer elections for the choir will be happening soon! Students wanting be an officer need to submit their application by Friday, April 30. The application to fill out can be found on the post below.

Pop Show Attire:

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