Parent Meeting Recap and Information

Thank you to everyone that attended our zoom meeting Monday night. We appreciate your support of the choir program at Grand Oaks. Below you will find the recap of what was discussed and the documents from our Booster Club.

***We are in need of a treasurer and president for the booster club or we will no longer have this organization. Please consider joining and also running for a board position***

I. Welcome by directors
II. Handbook can be found on the choir website under “Documents”
– Make sure to read through and familiarize yourself with the information
– The choir website – subscribe to receive notifications of updates
– Social Media – @grandoakschoir on Instagram
III. Choir Fee: $45
– Can be paid on line or at school to the financial secretary
– You can pay in small amounts if you have financial concerns
– Reach out to the directors if there are financial issues we should be aware of
– We want your student to be able to participate in choir, please don’t let a fee hold them back
IV. Canvas
– Make sure your virtual learner knows how to do their attendance check-in for choir
– Assignments are located in “modules” AND “assignments” on Canvas
– Virtual learners need the choir binder and music (e-mail your director if needing those items)
– Most assignments are rehearsal videos and responding to those recordings
– Assessments will now be done through singing (student will need 2 devices to play tracks and record for their grade)
V. Attendance
– Virtual – Student learns at home 100%
– Face to Face – Student learns at school
– Hybrid – Student learns at home but comes up for choir rehearsals
– Hybrid students need to be consistent to choir rehearsals
– F2F students need to be at school and be consistent to choir. They will be behind from missing and we will not be going back to reteach what they missed
VI. Calendar
– There is currently NO CHOIR CALENDAR for the school year
– No fall semester live audience concerts (DISTRICT RULE)
– If information changes for the spring we will notify parents and send a calendar ASAP
– Thank you to those students and parents that volunteered for the first round of flags
– Round 2 will be in November…sign up to help GO Flags and also receive a letter jacket point
– They give back a lot to GOHS Choir and we need to support them so it continues
VIII. Booster Club
– Please download the two links below
– We are in need of a booster president and treasurer to keep the booster up and running
– Consider joining and volunteering!

IX. Thank you for joining us this evening and we are excited to be making music again!
– E-mail the directors for any questions you may have!

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