Choir Canvas Information

Below are the steps to do your choir work in Canvas.
Follow these steps and you will have perfect choir attendance and A+ in choir.

  1. Log in to Canvas
  2. Find the GOHS Choir Canvas course and click it
  3. On the home page for choir find the Blue Day or Orange Day Class Check In at the top of the home page
  4. Click the link (whichever day you have choir) and fill out the form to sign in.
    Doing this gives you credit for attending choir for the day.
    (If you do not know the name of your choir there is a list of names with the corresponding period on the home page)
  5. After signing in, go to the left hand column of choices on the home page and click “ASSIGNMENTS
  6. Scroll down the assignments page until you find the current days date
  7. Complete all of the tabs for that day: it may be a video, a worksheet, a form, or an assessment. (Most days it will be 2 items or more)

***For virtual learning you will be receiving grades from the work found on the assignments page. Failure to do the work will result in a lowered grade. Signing in only gives you credit for attendance and is not your grade.

***If you miss an assignment due date it will fall into the category of “past assignments” on canvas. You will be in charge of finding it and completing it. If it is never completed the grade becomes a zero. Don’t make a bad grade due to not doing your work. It is extremely easy to make a 100 in choir. It just takes a little bit of effort. YOU CAN DO IT!

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