Choir Information – IMPORTANT

Parents and Students,

The below information is posted to help answer any questions you may have about things currently going on with virtual learning, material pick up, etc.

Office Hours: 11:00-11:15 am EVERY DAY
Our office hours are the time we will be working to answer e-mails, make calls, etc. Most likely this will be our lunch time when we are on a regular bell schedule. We will update this if a change is needed once face to face instruction begins.

Canvas Conferences/Zooms: 8/17-9/4
From now until Sept. 4 we will not be hosting every day live sessions for students. We know this is happening for multiple courses all across the campus and district and can be tricky for people to attend. We will always invite you from Canvas, send Zoom information, send e-mails, and post from Canvas/Instagram when we are doing a live session.

Live Zooms: 9/8 – however long
When we begin face to face instruction, we will begin hosting daily zooms for those students committing to virtual learning. These zooms will take place during your students scheduled choir time on their choir day (orange or blue). Every rehearsal will be recorded and posted later in the day for those who miss or cannot attend the live session. Students will be learning the same music as those in class. To receive a grade, students will need to participate and will also submit work through recordings, etc. When we do have recordings due for submission, information on what to do and how to submit will be posted/sent through e-mail.

Canvas Assignments:
Choir assignments for the current virtual learning time until Sept. 4 will be posted in the “assignments” area of the choir course in Canvas. Every assignment is set up for 2 days…one for orange and one for blue. Students should only do their assignment THE DAY THEY HAVE CHOIR. Doing it a day early or the day after will result in your student being counted ABSENT as they did not participate in choir the day of their scheduled class. 

***Parents please discuss this with your student and if you have questions, please contact the directors for clarification.***

Remind 101:
Due to our original Remind group being FULL (which is awesome) there is now a second Remind group for the following choirs: A Cappella (8th period), Statesmen (4th Period), and Chamber (3rd period). The code for this group is: @gohsvarch      text the #: 81010

Bel Canto (7th period), Chorale (2nd period), and Cantus (5th period) will remain using the original Remind group: @gochoir20

Choir Folder/All State Music Pick-Up:
We will have two dates for choir binder and all state music pick up
Wednesday August 26 and Thursday August 27
8:00-8:30 & 1:00-1:30 (two times per day)
– Binder pick up is for VIRTUAL LEARNERS ONLY.
(Face to Face students will receive their binders Aug 31 – Sept 4.)
All State Music packets can be picked up at these times for those wanting to participate


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