Welcome to Choir

Hello and Welcome to the 20-21 School Year at Grand Oaks! Mr. Smith and Mrs. Robilotto are ready to tackle this new and exciting year of choir. No matter our challenges or distance we will make music and have a stellar year. Use the link below to watch our Welcome Video. If you have any questions after viewing, please let us know.

Welcome Video

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Choir

  1. hi Mr.Smith. My name is Alison. I am in your 7th period. 🙂 well i guess I’ll tell you about myself. I am an artist, I like to draw cartoons and singing is cool too. I can sing but I have dread that I can’t. Plus I have stage fright and have no hope in myself. I am also standoffish. I don’t like meeting new people. It’s hard for me to communicate to other students and I always assume things are about me or I did something wrong. Plus I tend to apologize….A LOT….ANYWAY, the basics, I know! Oh and I have pets..lots of them, I have a cat, she is like my child to me, her name is Trixie. There is another cat but she is chubby and mean..her name is Cuddles..she is not cuddly, don’t get fooled by the name-NOW the dogs! We have three, one is a boy name Charlie and the two others are girls, Revi and Grace. Don’t worry, they are fixed. This is my second time in Choir, I took it in sixth grade in Indiana. Well i was nice meeting you? I don’t know. I hate being in the house. I hope this pandemic goes away soon. Well, have a swell day.


    1. Hi Alison,

      Very nice to meet you! Mrs. Robilotto and I enjoyed reading your comment and had a few chuckles. We can’t wait to meet you! I think you will really enjoy singing and being a part of our program. I can’t wait for virtual to be done so we can have some real choir happening but we will make it the best we can for where we are. Enjoy the animals, especially Cuddles! 🙂


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