Final Assignment/Uniforms

This is our final week of classes. This went by faster than I thought it would but I sure do miss all of the events we were planning on the last 3 months. I cannot wait to begin a new school year and make music once more. This weeks last assignment is posted on the students page and is a school wide assignment. Have a good time with this!

Uniform Return:
TODAY, Tuesday, May 19 will be uniform drop off. Please read the following instructions carefully so we do our best to get this done efficiently and safely.

  1. Dresses and all tuxedo parts need to be on a hanger (the one it came on if possible)
  2. Place a plastic bag or trash bag over your dress/tuxedo and tie it up at the bottom enclosing the entire uniform
  3. Staple, clip, etc a note or piece of paper to the bag with your student’s name legibly written on the paper/note
  4. Bring your uniform to GOHS from 1:00-3:00 pm on Tuesday, May 19 at the back of the school at the auditorium entrance. (like a concert setting)
  5. Mr. Smith will be out back with hanging racks for you to get out and hang your uniform on. **he will not be touching your items so you must do this**
  6. He will cross your name off the list once it is returned. Failure to return a uniform may result in a debt to cover the cost of the items. (Dress-$80-100) (Tux-$150)
  7. If you wish to dry clean your uniform you are more than welcome but are not required to do so. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT WASH/DRY YOUR UNIFORMS
  8. If you cannot drop off your student’s uniform at the specified drop off time you must email Mr. Smith to find a time to do this.
  9. Uniforms WILL NOT be accepted at the front office! They know to not accept them and will not be touching your stuff.
  10. You are welcome to drop off other student’s uniforms that are in choir, just please make sure they are bagged and labeled appropriately so they are credited for turning it in.

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