Week 6 Assignment and AUDITIONS

Happy Monday everyone! Welcome to week 6. We would have just finished our spring trip and last week would have been UIL. I can’t believe we missed all of that but we are making it through! This weeks assignment is under the student tab once again. You will fill out the form by planning your own pop show! Have fun and be creative with your song selections. I can’t wait to see everyone’s shows.

Auditions for next year will take place this week. By Sunday evening (May 3) those auditioning will need to submit their videos. The 3 groups being auditioned are:
Mixed Choir (Chamber Singers), Varsity Treble (A Cappella), Varsity Men (Statesmen)

Who is eligible to audition:
Current 10th and 11th grade treble students (alto/soprano) for Mixed or A Cappella
Current 9th, 10th, 11th grade tenor bass students for Mixed or Statesmen

The audition will consist of singing the chromatic scale warm up and sight reading.
Trebles and Guys only auditioning for A Cappella or Statesmen will Sight Read from the A Major LEVEL 2 SMART Book (blue book) examples. Trebles and Guys auditioning for a spot in Mixed Choir will sight read from the E Minor LEVEL 1 SMART Book (green book) examples. Both sight reading examples and the tonic triad/chromatic warm up tracks are posted under the documents tab for you to begin practicing this week.

Thursday, Mr. Smith will post the exact instructions on how to record and submit your auditions. This will give you 4 days to turn in your submission. Late submissions will not be accepted after Sunday.

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