Woodforest Concessions

If you signed up to work concessions, please click the link for final placements. If you are working this THURSDAY September 19, please read below:

Arrival: 5:00 pm arrival for 5-6 people to get trained on what to do. All others arrive by 5:45. If you can be there at 5 pm, please be there then. Parents need to be trained on using the registers. Students will be running food/drinks.

Clothing: Please wear last years choir shirt or a Grand Oaks spirit shirt. I would suggest shorts as it will be warm. Please wear closed toed shoes! Sandals are not allowed!

Hair: Long hair must be pulled back into a braid, pony, etc. It must be up and out of the face.

Time: Depending on the length of the game, you will most likely be working until after 9 pm and they hope to have you all out by 10 pm at the latest.

Getting into the gates: Park or drop off near the entrance closest to the scoreboard or jumbo-tron. There is an entrance for workers etc. at that gate and they will have a list of names. Tell them your name and you will then be able to get in free of charge.

Woodforest Concession Sign-Ups



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