Pop Show Audition Results

Thank you to all students who auditioned for a spot in the pop show. We had very good singing and acts to hear.  I am excited to see the growth of our singers over the next few years. Our first pop show at Grand Oaks is going to be awesome!

If you auditioned but did not make a spot, please understand this is not personal. There are only so many acts we can have on a show to not make it too long and having too many songs of the same style prohibits every one being able to perform. If you would like to know why your song was not selected, you can come and talk to Mr. Smith at any time. E-mails from students or parents asking why will not be answered. You will need to come and talk face to face. This was your audition and no one else’s. Part of singing/acting auditions is moving forward positively and handling the situation as a professional. I am proud of each and every one of you who came in and auditioned. You have all handled yourselves with maturity and grace. Thank you!

If you find your name on the list to perform, please make sure you also handle yourself with maturity and grace. Make sure you are not gloating or making others feel less than.  Make sure to continue practicing to have your song at its best! Congratulations on being in our very first pop show at Grand Oaks. You will need to have an outfit to wear for your solo or duet that is not the jeans/pop show shirt ensemble we are all wearing. If what you wear for your class song fits your solo, that is fine, otherwise you will need to find another outfit. It should at least be casual/nice and not just something you throw on to come to school but should reflect you and your song choice.

Thank you all for auditioning! Please see the “Student” tab at the top to find the link to the list of solos. It is going to be a great pop show!

-Mr. Smith

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