Pop Show Information

To prepare for the upcoming Pop Show on May 16, we will be having several after school rehearsals to learn music and choreography. These dates were on the calendar given out in August. Please read the below information to know who is called when. Look closely at the times so you know when rehearsal begins and ends. Not always the same!

Choreography Week:
Thursday, May 2 – ALL GIRLS CALLED to rehearse music for “Sing” from 3-4 pm
Monday, May 6 – ALL STUDENTS CALLED “Sing” Choreography from 3-5 pm
Tuesday, May 7 – CHORALE for “Girls Just Wanna Dance” from 3-4 pm
Tuesday, May 7 – CANTUS for “Eight Days A Week” choreography from 4-5 pm

Wednesday, May 8 – CONCERT CHOIR CALLED for “Telephone” 3-4:30
Thursday, May 9 – ALL STUDENTS CALLED to review all 4 songs and choreography 2:45-4:45 30 minutes per song

No rehearsals on Friday, May 3 or Friday, May 10. Enjoy the weekend!

Tech/Show Week Rehearsals
Monday, May 13 – Rehearsal in auditorium for ALL STUDENTS 3-5 PM
Monday, May 13Solo/Groups rehearsal from 5-6 PM
Tuesday, May 14 – Rehearsal in auditorium for ALL STUDENTS 3-5:30 PM
Wednesday, May 15DRESS REHEARSAL for ALL STUDENTS 3-5:30 PM
Thursday, May 16 – POP SHOW AT 6:30 PM/ Call time is 5 pm

Sing/Why We Sing – Pop Show Shirt, Blue Jeans, Sneakers
Telephone – School appropriate fancy/going out clothes in red, black, white, gold, silver color scheme. (Sequins, glitter, bling, etc.)
Girls Just Wanna Dance – Any 1980’s attire will be fine
Eight Days A Week – Blue jeans, solid white shirt (any style of shirt is fine)
Lazy Song – lounge type attire/gym shorts/pajamas/snuggie/hoodies

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