End of August Reminders

The past 10 days of school have been going very well. We are making sounds in the choir room, preparing for upcoming pep rally’s, and will be starting music for the Fall Concert any day now.

Before Friday arrives, please take notice of a few things:
1. All forms are due by Friday, August 31 (Acknowledgement, Technology, and Travel)
2. Leadership Team applications are due by Friday, August 31
3. Choir Fee of $100 is due by Friday, August 31 (can pay online through school webstore)
– If you cannot pay the full amount online, you can pay small installments at school
– Bring cash or check to the school financial secretary (Checks need DOB and DL#)

The choir calendar is now posted in the documents section of the website.
Please print out the calendar and add the dates to your personal calendars.
Hard copies will be sent home soon

There will be a District All State Camp on Saturday, September 8th at The Woodlands HS.
Information is posted under the STUDENTS tab on the website. There is a link to the flyer with all information near the top of the page. This is a great way for students to finalize preparations for the first audition on September 15. Don’t miss out!

Upcoming Dates:
Sept. 4 & 5 – SNAP! Raise campaign begins in class
Sept. 6 & 7 – Elections for Leadership Team
Sept. 10 – Leadership Team 1st Meeting at 3pm in choir room (Mandatory)
Sept. 11 – Mock Auditions after school for District participants
Sept. 15 – District Auditions at Conroe HS (more info coming soon)

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